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As Mortgage Professionals, like it or not
As a Mortgage Broker, like it or not, I am in sales. Yes..........sales!
Why should you use me versus the other 100K plus loan officers in the nation? I don't just sell rate & closing costs but they are important and I AM the Broker-a huge advantage; I sell myself, my experience and reputation. I may tell you NOT to purchase now or refinance for good reasons.

You must be:

1. Qualified 2. Committed 3. Motivated
And this means, my loan comparisons will show you the savings or payment you can or can't afford!
The following are 5 reasons why deals fail to go to closing for loan officers, banks and brokers who want you to purchase or refi NO MATTER WHAT:

1. The approach is confrontational rather than consultative
When prospects (yes, you) feel confrontation, they often feel provoked and challenged. Salespeople who are too anxious to close the sale or get their prospects to see their point of view, may only decrease their odds of closing. A soft approach is always better. This means having the patience & time to answer all basic questions, sometimes over & over.
Selling is not about getting people to see your point of view. It is about allowing yourself to see the customer's point of view.

2. The prospect feels pressured rather than being helped
When prospects feel pressure, they feel that demands are being placed on them. Pressure violates trust when the salesperson doesn't show respect for their ideas and opinions. Creating demand usually doesn't work. Patience, respect and understanding usually do.
Pressure rarely works & can backfire. Taking the high road to an indecisive borrower &  waiting can pay off for you and me. You may wait and be better served and I may be your 'Trusted Advisor.'
When you truly want to serve your clients, they know it, and everyone wins.
3. Borrowers feel the lender is aggressive rather than supportive
People don't usually reward aggressive behavior. When lenders become aggressive, their only goal is to share what is important to them - getting paid by closing you whether it's appropriate or not.
There is a big difference between aggressive and assertive behavior. 

4. Lender has self-focused goals, versus customer-focused ones

You, the borrower,  have a multitude of choices of who to use and also have the opportunity to find a broker with first-time homebuyer programs, lower rates and customer-oriented communication.
You want someone who can assist you, service you and educate you.
Professional salespeople help, support and share knowledge with their prospects. They pass along important information and ask customers to buy once they've demonstrated clearly how their product or service will help achieve the desired results or objectives.
As a former Top Producing loan officer in the builder community,  I learned a long time ago: "Take care of the client, & the commissions take care of themselves".
5. Loan Officers who mistakenly take prospect problems personally (hint: It's about you, not me)

And when they do, inexperienced loan officers often retreat  or hide when confronted with a problem instead of listening carefully and responding immediately.
Let's face it, in today's Mortgage climate there is no shortage of client questions & concerns. We have to stay patient. When you call to discuss a problem or issue you are concerned about, expect the problem to be addressed immediately.
Banks who ignore problems or concerns instead of putting them out on the table and dealing with them, will lose their customers' trust. It's a much better decision to take action quickly & decisively.

Just have questions? Need a comparison of loan options to help you decide to refinance, take cash out or not? Want to know if it's a 'good time to buy?' Call me at 562-320-0510 or email at: 
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Posted by Anne James on July 30th, 2019 10:52 AM


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